-URGENT- Office Changes

We’d like to announce that we are once again seeing patients for preventive, elective, and emergency procedures as normal!  We are operating our normal business hours again.

New Appointment Changes at our Office –

  1. Pre-screening: We will be calling patients prior to their appointments for health pre-screenings
  2. Car-waiting Room: Once you arrive at the parking lot outside our office, please call to notify us and we’ll inform you when is best to enter our office so you can go directly to the operatory.  Please wear your mask upon entering
  3. New Patient Protocols: Patients are to directly enter into the operatory room where they will be attended to, wash hands, have their temperature taken, will answer pre-screening questions, remove mask, then do a Listerine rinse.  After the dental procedure is complete then patients are to wear their mask, handle their payment & scheduling needs, are offered hand sanitizer then exit the building

New Safeguards at our Office –

  1. All our dental care providers are wearing 3M PAPRS or N95 masks with surgical masks on top, face shields, gowns, and hair coverings.  Our Office Manager is wearing a surgical mask and is behind two large Plexiglas shields.
  2. We have installed high-grade HEPA air purifiers in all operatory rooms that are capable of filtering air down to the 0.01 micron level where Coronavirus resides

Procedures Offered:

  • Preventative Teeth Cleanings, Comprehensive Exams, Teeth Nightguards
  • Restorative Treatment including fillings, crowns, bridges, implants, dentures, veneers
  • Pediatric Dentistry including comprehensive exams, protective sealants, extractions, and baby tooth fillings/crowns
  • Dr. Singh is also offering tele-dentistry with video consultations/exam to answer any questions you may have about your oral health.  Please call the office (301)779-2525 to schedule

Emergencies: Dr. Singh will also have an on-call number – please call the office (301) 779-2525 to receive it.
Everyone please take care and follow all CDC guidelines (CDC website) so as to be safe 🙂
iSmile Family Dentistry Team!

If you feel Covid-19 symptoms and would like to get tested for the virus, click this link to find Covid-19 testing sites in the state of Maryland: Covid-19 Testing in MD

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